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Modern Craftsman Mountain House

For this project our clients found their ideal piece of land on top of a wooded ridge in the hills of West Virginia – not far from Romney.

This is Chuck “channeling the spirit of the site.”
The initial SketchUp mass model anchors the entry to the top of the hill. As you move to the living space you find yourself at eye level with the tree tops (trees not shown for clarity).
Our clients became interested in the colors of the tree lichen and autumn foliage they saw as they walked the site. With this in mind, we worked with them to develop the palette of color and materials seen in the “color map” elevation below.
The detailing of the front porch evolved from our clients love of Gustav Stickley’s furniture design and the Craftsman Movement. The porch walls will be clad with poplar bark shingles.
The foundation walls are in place and the view from the top of the hill starts to reveal itself.