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Newsletter 14


December 21st, 2011

Merry Christmas Dress-Up Day (our favorite self-made holiday) has struck again. This year brought us poinsettia head gear, pooping Santa boutonnieres, Christmas cat top hats, “motherly” sweaters, glittery snowflake accoutrements, and an elf-lizard headdress. We hope the season brings you some joy as well.

Office portrait, December 21, 2011

Metrobilly Quarterly Launch!

This month also marks the launch of Metrobilly Quarterly, with the annual holiday issue. We have a 2 year backlog of fake magazines, which you can find online here if you’re yearning for something to fill your time between sips of eggnog and fork-fulls of green bean casserole at your in-law’s place.

Metrobilly Quarterly, 2011 Holiday Issue (click image for larger view)

Work in progress

Here are a few recent images of our work, in case you’re not interested in metrobillies or made-up holidays:

Odd Dog

Vanceright Circle

Loft Upon Cork – The Apparatus

Bentonville House